Hear it directly from the military customers we work with

Scott F.

USAF Veteran

I wanted to say thank you and reaffirm that I went into this re-fi very skeptical doing business with someone I couldn’t see in person.  You followed through with everything you said you would, did everything on time and didn’t feed me any nonsense.

I will refer people to you and be happy to act as a reference.

I do a lot of business with people who may not trust me going in, but are very comfortable after the fact.  It is reassuring.  Thank you.

Lewis Q.

USCG Veteran

Our experience could not have been more positive. From the first contact to final closing (and even after), Brian was extremely professional, courteous and quick to respond to all questions and concerns, at any time of the day or night, weekday or weekend, and completely on top of all aspects of the refinance process, leading to a good reduction in our mortgage rate. He provided data we needed in a timely manner and made it very easy for us to provide the information required. We felt confident in the advice given and were really impressed at how quickly the refinance was completed.  We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a positive and successful mortgage financing experience.

Stephen M.

USAF Veteran

From day one, Brian  promised me the loan would close on time – something the previous broker promised and failed to deliver.  Not only did I close on time, the rate was better, and for my program, there were no closing costs.  It has been a pleasure to send many of my friends and family Brian’s way to see if he can help them.  He continues to respond to any question I have and will be my first call the next time I need help with a mortgage or refinance.




Len W.

USAF Veteran

Brian helped us finance our home  three times. Buying a home is a lot of work, but he made the financing portion a breeze. He is incredibly responsive in answering emails. At times, I can’t believe how quickly he answered my questions, and he always has a good, thorough answer. If I need to refinance again, I will contact Brian.

Karen K.

USAF Veteran

I recall the first time I spoke with Brian. He asked why I hadn’t financed through the VA when I purchased my home, and I said I didn’t know about it.  Well, it turns out I didn’t know quite a few, LARGE, important things about VA loan refinancing. The no-money-down aspect was a giant relief. No mortgage insurance was fabulous to find out about.  The speed with which the entire refinancing process took from beginning to end was outrageously quick and unexpected given the distance between us, in that Brian lives in Kansas, and I’m in Arizona.
Prior to Brian, his company and all this, I was so aggravated with the whole mortgage refinancing business because in three times of getting all the right paperwork, all the preliminary documents and all my hopes mustered – I could not get my loan’s interest rate reduced.
By the time I did find Brian, through an online website, I was anything but enthusiastic.  I also had a hard time because I was taking an intensely uncomfortable leap of faith with this guy I didn’t know, who lived in another state, and why is he being so helpful when the last three people were not.  If you’ve been through any of this, ya need to stop and call Brian NOW.

Aaron S.

USN Veteran

It was such a pleasure to have you as our loan officer .  Originally, we were skeptical about using a bank that we weren’t familiar with and wasn’t local.  We couldn’t have been more wrong!  The personal contact was constant, we never questioned where we were in the process.

Brian even went out of the country on vacation, he still ensured that all questions were answered and all documents were in order.

Without question, there would be no hesitation in recommending Veteran Home Financing & specifically Brian to anyone in need.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence in service!

Lisa B.


My experience working with Brian  was nothing short of phenomenal! I first spoke with Brian after requesting a quote through Lending Tree. I received an overwhelming response and foolishly let another lender lead me away despite my instinct to go with Brian. Two lenders later and Brian picked up the pieces just two weeks from closing on my house! He advised me early on about my VA entitlement issue and he was the only loan officer I spoke with who, in hindsight, knew what he was talking about. Not only did Brian continue to advise me even before I switched over to him, he began working on my loan package in order to be able to carry the ball if (or when) I decided to switch lenders AND locked in a favorable rate that went up the next day. Happily, I did make the switch. Even more impressive was the fact that he managed to get all my documents in order despite the short fuse, kept me apprised every step of the way, explained things thoroughly, and was very kind and professional throughout the process…he even offered to schedule my closing a day earlier than planned! Due to an issue with the seller we actually had to close a couple of days later, but Brian still continued to follow up with me to ensure the closing went smoothly. My realtor was duly impressed as well! I will not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone seeking a mortgage – especially a VA loan which is Brian’s specialty. No lip service here. He’s the real deal.

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